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Design of Dating Services: Name, Logo, Colors, and the Joomla Template

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Take care of the name and logo

But a name is not enough, everything can be saved with a very eye-catching logo, and it is yet another important thing that you should remember about the design of your dating website. A logo should be the reflection of your company’s values, what it stands for, what it is.

If you don’t want to bother with the name and logo for a long time, pay attention to this template of a dating site with a purple header. Its components will surely come in handy!

Experiment with colors

Coming up with a fitting color scheme is very important, as every color is associated with certain emotions, and while there is some subjectivity to it, the general reaction to the colors is the same. Blue shades provoke calming emotions, while purple shades are associated with relaxation, harmony. Red – strong emotions, passion, intense feelings.

However, certain colors won’t fit the theme of a dating site, like green shades, yellow shades, and beige colors. However, a catchy combination of colors that attracts the attention of users can break all the established rules and make your project truly successful.

The choice of colors is especially important for women. As a rule, a woman prefers calming colors; she doesn’t love bright shades of green and yellow, they simply don’t fit the theme of a dating site. Most women are looking for serious romantic relationships, so if you plan on creating a site that is oriented on women or the creation of serious relationships – you should give preference to blue and purple shades.

Now let’s look into one of the best WordPress templates for dating sites on the market called Joomla-Monster.

Joomla-Monster WordPress Templates for Dating Sites

Theme Description

The competent multifunctional architecture of the template makes it universal for performing the tasks. By providing easy access to specific locations of navigation elements and user authorization panels, the JM Dating template is intended for use on multimedia communication and exchange sites, dating sites, local social networks, etc.

The template has a modern design and a coral gray color; this combination is ideal for social sites, and the use of high-quality typographic fonts provides excellent readability. By using different color solutions, the Joomla template can be easily adapted to many tasks and topics of the site’s direction. A fixed navigation menu significantly increases the usability of the site and facilitates the movement of the user on the desired pages. Dynamic buttons are designed in such a way as to provoke a user to act, continue using a site and the choice of a social network at the bottom of the site, not only involve users in the process of interacting with the site but also look very impressive. An interactive map with the display of people attracts attention and provokes interaction between users on the site using a search on the map. The site allows its users to search through people according to their hobbies; thus, you will be able to only speak to people that have at least some things in common with you. After clicking on the category, you can conveniently find the right person for communication and check out their profile.

In general, the template turned out to be quite organic, balanced, and pretty, and we recommend you to use it in your dating project. Joomla-Monster templates guarantee the success of your dating websites.

General characteristics:

·       Ef4 framework

The template is based on the modern and functional EF framework, which will provide you with many possible settings for configuring and managing the template.

·       Responsive Design

The layout of the template is fully responsive. This means that your site will have support for mobile devices by adjusting to small screen resolutions.

·       HTML5 & CSS3

The template has a wide range of advantages, as it uses only modern web technologies. Such as HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JQuery, and Bootstrap 3.

·       Fast start

The template comes with the Quickstart package, which will help you to save time when installing and configuring the WordPress themes that you like.

·       Cross-browser compatibility

The template works fine in all modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Yandex Browser and Internet Explorer 9+.

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